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In order to help customers safely use the website (http://www.intelligencevietnam.com) of INTELLIGENCE VIETNAM (hereinafter referred to as the company), we apply the following privacy policy:

Using SSL Tool (Secure Sockets Layer)

The webpage that candidates registered their personal information is secured by using the advanced SSL encryption technology (Secure Sockets Layer), with Geo Trust Global CA’s certificate. The role of SSL is to prevent important information of customers from stealing or overwriting.

User Identification

On our current website, there is a page to register for service. We would like to check the user login information to prevent somebody from impersonating your username to log in. The registered information shall be used for identification purpose. This information will not be used for any other purposes. Please be assured.

About JavaScript

Our current website is using JavaScript. If JavaScript is disabled in the Browser, you are not able to use our services, in this case, please reactivate JavaScript before using.

About Cookies

In website, we have webpages that are cookie-enabled to understand how often visitors engage with our webpage as well as services to provide information in a manner that is consistent with the webpage using cookies. Depending on the settings on the browser, there is an option for turning off the cookie feature, however, in this case you may not be able to use the full functionality of the webpage. We appreciate your understanding.

About Copyright

Unless it has been recognized by copyright law, the copyright of this website and texts, images, musics, as well as other copyrighted products posted on this website (hereunder referred to as website Content) shall belong to the company, the current copyright owner and other copyright holders. Any actions to copy, publicly perform, modify, delete, transmit the information on this website to customer’s website for personal use without the consent of our company or the owner and those authorized to act on the copyright owner’s behalf, are prohibited under the provisions of the copyright law. Therefore, please contact with our company before using it. In addition, in the event of including copyright or trademark of a third party and the use of this information is deemed unreasonable, then our company can refuse such request.
Where the use of site Content has been agreed by our company, please put the copyright name as required by our compnay. You are not allowed to change, delete the copyright name in the respective content without the consent of our company.

About Company Trademark

The rights related to copyright, trademark, logo posted on the website or the media shall belong to our company, the owner, or the project developers and shall be protected by Trademark Law and the Unfair Competition Prevention Law as well as other relevant laws. In case you wish to use it, please contact us and discuss with our company in advance

Environments used

For the best viewing experience on this site, we recommend using the following browser environments:
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・Safari 5.0 or later.

We are very cautious in posting information on this site. However, we assume no responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness, usefulness, timeliness, and completeness of the information posted on this website. At the same time, we make no warranty of any kinds as to the non-existence interruption of features or errors in accessing this website, the absence of computer viruses and other harmful elements on the website and server pages, nor any compensation for damages arising from the use of this website. We accept no responsibility for the content of any sites linked to this site. In case of using linksite, the users must agree with the terms and conditions to use such linksites.