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As one of the leading companies that provides human resource infrastructure services to develop business based on the philosophy of "Human Development", "Job Creation", "Contribution to Society", Intelligence Vietnam establishs one of its core slogans as "Information Security, Application and Management", therefore we constantly strive to improve the information protection and consider it as one of our quality objectives.

In Intelligence Vietnam, registered "personal information" are managed and stored carefully to obtain the clients’ trust.

All employees in our company are aware of the "Personal Information Privacy Policy" and continue to spare no effort in promoting personal information protection.

1. Acquisition, use and provision of personal information

When colleting personal information, Intelligence Vietnam shall identify and clearly specify the scope necessary for personal information to be used to achieve business objectives and, shall only acquire personal information through legal and fair means. Personal information acquired by Intelligence Vietnam shall only be used, provided within the scope necessary to achieve previously specified business objectives and, shall not be used for purposes outside the scope required to achieve said aims of use. In addition, Intelligence Vietnam shall implement periodic checks to ensure that personal information is not being used for purposes other than the said objectives.

2. Compliance with the law and other regulations in relation to personal information:

Intelligence Vietnam shall comply with laws and other regulations relating to the personal information protection.

3. Prevention of damages and personal information corrective measures:

Intelligence Vietnam shall implement appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, misuse and leaks of personal information. In addition, these security measures shall be periodically and promptly reviewed and revised.

4. Complaints and advice

Intelligence Vietnam shall establish a consulting division to address complaints, questions and inquiries regarding the use of personal information and to support fast settlement services for clients’ needs.

Representative Director: Takayuki Yamazaki
Issued on September 17, 2013